Heaven Booth Wall

Flexible and modular, Heaven Booth Wall will work virtually anywhere around the office, even between desks, and arrange spaces to meet the needs of today's personnel. Think cozy common, individual areas for effective work in a distraction-free manner.

Heaven Booth Wall

Work is human, Heaven Booth is divine! Effective by design, the standalone walls can be arranged and combined in beautiful ways. It will organise office space into smaller enclosures that are bound to work even better!

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Bound to work

Heaven Booth is all about the binding technology. With nothing but simplicity in mind, the panels are stitched together using sturdy, plastic screws. They work perfectly in both corners and sideways.

Bound to be effective

Heaven Booth will boost every team's effectiveness on a daily basis. Flexibility and movability are two key features that make it indispensible in both small and large open-space offices.

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