Jasper Screen

If it’s true that what you see is what you get, then it must be true that you'll get better focus, if you see a Jasper screen in front of you. And you'll hear fewer annoying phone calls and less of the computer sounds!

Jasper Screen

In office English, WYSIWYG means 'what you see is what you get’. In shared-office English, it's more about 'what you hear'. Now, with a Jasper screen in front of you, what you get is actually better focus and a clearer mind. Think a working philosophy that actually works.

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Brilliantly simple

it's a powerfully effective desktop organiser. Micromanagement has never looked this beatiful.

Jasper Wall

separates sections out of larger offices areas. Jasper Screen brings out the best in teams working across the desk.


quiet, productive, dreams, details, deadline, vacations... It's good to have everything in sight. Especially pictures from last summer's holidays.

Jasper Screen

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